Why dont you use real countrys other than USA?

Hi i am new to the game and are 14 years old the game is great and i got my dad hooked on it to. not that its an issue but im just wondering why did you use fake country s other than USA. also youre from UK and its mostly centered around USA i know most players are most likely American but why not feature England.

The USA got added pretty much as an afterthought, with the original game being all fictional countries. The older missions (From democracy 1) have all since been ported by modders to run with Democracy 2.
I can see how it seems a bit strange with me being British, to have the US and not the UK. My experience selling games online tells me that while Eujropeans are happy to play games set in another country, a lot of Americans prefer everything to be set in the US. That seems to hold even with players of D2, which I suspect attracts a different (and more global world-view) demographic to Americans in general.

That’s not entirely true.
Iam from India and would love to see my country’s currency and name here.
I have lived for a long time in Australia, USA and Singapore, and would love to see them represented here instead of fictitious names.

I’m danish, and a player since Democracy 1.
I must say, I didn’t really fancy the whole fictional countries thing in D2. I do realize that it was a problem in D1, that most of the countries were pretty much the same to play, but you could have solved that by adding more diverse countries, such Germany, China, North Korea, Brazil, Greenland, etc., instead of just western countries, or you could have opted for the going with both fictional ones as well as a bunch of real ones. I, personally never played any of the fictional ones for more than a few minutes, as they don’t appeal to me. Rather I have played mostly user created European countries, such as the UK.
Personally, I would be delighted if you would add back official Democracy 2 real-world countries - a few european ones, and some from all over the world, which would prove to be diverse. And also, it would be great if you could add back the EU :smiley:

Interesting. I’m surprised how many people really want the old countries to be put into Democracy 2. I’ll have to take a look at officially putting them back in, but it requires a huge mental ‘gear-change’ from working on the new game to thinking about the democracy 2 code again!

Real countries will be disapointing…
D2’s main problem is the similarity between countries, such as equal policy effects ect.
I think that an event at the start of every country which triggered several situations/simulations would be good.
However if D3 appears, I would love to see some real countries, with proper differneces.

I just bought the Mac version and there is no USA in there. I guess they don’t walk in sync? I support the real countries pledge, but am happy to wait until D3 and try out the mods until then.

Guess Iceland and Ireland would provide some real challenges now.

Iceland would definitely be up there with zimbabwe for the economic challenge levels… :frowning:

Hey, You could make the real countries change every now and then, that would certainly keep people playing longer

Hey. I’m also from the UK. This game is pretty awesome - but I completely agree, it really should’ve had more real countries. I know it’s an entirely different game, but a big reason I’m drawn to games with diplomacy like this and for instance, Civilization IV, is because of the actual countries. It’s very fun playing your own country in Civ IV, and I feel it’d add a lot to this game as well.

A comprise would be to continue to have fictional countries that resembled or are based on real countries or regions. These fictional countries could easily be identified as real countries or as real countries that belong to a particular geographic region.

If people still want to play the game with real countries a mod could be created to change the names and flags of the fictional countries to real countries.

Yeah, if nothing else, it’d be nice to have the flexibility to choose.
Initially I was pretty disappointed at all the fictional countries, but came to realize that compared to Democracy 1, in which I was just shifting the US or UK or Japan into some new form, it’s a lot more interesting to actually have scenarios whose specific problems force one to try unfamiliar strategies and expose one to a wider range of policy outcomes

Damn, lost my original post…

Well, to summarize: I am an American and I’d like to see real world countries represented in the game for players to simulate. This is much more interesting than fictional creations. When Dem1 was out I had suggested adding on or modding in Israel since I’ve considered them to be one of the most challenging to play in a simulation.

So please count me amongst those who feel that the Positech producers have missed what they clientele really would like in Dem2: real countries. Preferably with a good degree of individualization thru events, groups, etc.

I’d be willing to pay for this as well… wink wink