[1.15] Short List of Issues

Some things I noticed after playing a survival game in version 1.15

  • I don’t know if this is by design, but the ‘Cruiser Tractor Beam’ stops working after only minor damage. All the other modules keep functioning when damaged, albeit slower.
  • It seems tractor beams still work despite of a ship being hit by EMC (although I may have noticed this when the tractor was active before the EMC hit).
  • My ships are chasing fighters again. I used to be able to set priority to 0% and range to 100 and the ship would still fire at fighters, but still move towards larger ships. As soon as weapons came into range of the larger ship, they would re-prioritize. Now in 1.15, my cruisers are running around in circles again chasing fighters.
  • I’m wondering about repair priority. In the end, it’s best to have everything repaired as it’s all hit points (right?), but I found it a little silly that my Nanobot Repair System was spending most of its time repairing the other, empty Nanobot Repair System.
  • As mentioned in another thread, the ‘Deploy the fleet!’ button disappears after some battles.
  • More of an aesthetic thing, but the feeling of a big, hulking spaceship is lost when the ships start ‘walking’ across the screen. This usually happens when a ship is retreating and is constantly re-calculating the entire, constantly-shifting enemy fleet. They rapidly (every second or so) change their direction, left and right. The change in direction happens abruptly and makes the Empire ships look like ticking clocks.
  • [Edit] The unlockable ‘Supercharged Tractor Beam’ has 300 beam power less than the standard ‘Cruiser Tractor Beam’ making it useless.

Thanks, I shall get on to fixing all this

-some modules got relocked at the HQ-screen.

Glad I could help. Sorry you have you dig though these and find out if some are actually issues or not. I’m often tempted to experiment with particular issues more, but I was already up late and I have ‘regular’ work to go to :slight_smile:

I believe this is because Cliffski is setting more modules to be locked initially. So some of the modules that were never locked in the first place now need to be unlocked for the first time.

I’ve checked and tractor beams definitely still work when damaged, and they also will not acquire a new target if ECM jammed.
I’ve changed them, however so that they now diminish in tractor strength (beam weight) as they take damage.
I also doubled the rate at which tractor beams look for new targets once they are recharged, and you can now view the range of a tractor beam on the battle screen like any other turret, plus see its range on the module details.

Autorepair systems in 1.16 will no longer be able to repair themselves, and will not choose to repair another repair module if that module has no more supplies.

Good to hear, Cliffski. Keep it up!