[1.16] Various bugs

I have noticed some bugs in 1.16.

  1. When you are in the ship editor, and change the hull from a cruiser of one race to a cruiser of another race while having the weapons tab open, the weapons in said tab do not update to the racial weapons of the new race. If a weapon that the new race doesn’t have is put into one of the cruisers hardpoints, the game crashes.
  2. When you are in the deployment screen, and you have a ship selected with an active escort order, and use the SHIFT-E shortcut for escort, and then press the OK button on the escort menu without choosing a target, the game crashes.
  3. If you have a ship without any armour modules, and it is hit by a weapon that damages its shields, visible hull damage appears on the ship model, even though the ship is still undamaged.

interesting. I shall investigate all these…

I was noticing last night that when I tried to design a new ship by clicking the ‘new’ button on the deployment screen that only two of the races hull names showed up. I am not sure if this has been fixed or not.

These should all be fixed for version 1.17

Note that the escort crash also happens exactly the same with the formation order and its shortcut. Did you fix that too?
And remember that the module screens should also update when switching from fighter to fighter and frigate to frigate, if only for the visual difference between the racial weapons.

yup, thats all fixed.