1.23 Important typos that still remain

Some typos, etc. in 1.23 (previously reported for 1.18 but still not fixed):

  1. Under Research, in the Hulls tab, the various race names are not capitalized. They’re correct for the modules, but not for the hulls.

  2. Sample Destroyer and Sample Dreadnaught need to be capitalized.

  3. Under Battle, on the Select Mission screen (with all the planets), the Map Sizes need to be capitalized (i.e. “Large” instead of “large”).

  4. I unlocked the Zedong class destroyer, and found (much to my disappointment) that it shows a -50% Speed Boost listed in the Ship Designer, but it says nothing about that when looking at it in the Research screen. It also doesn’t list the -50% Speed Boost in the Ship Hull Selection menu (when you press the Change button in the Ship Design screen).

Please Cliffski, I’m absolutely begging you to fix these capitalizations. It was ok before release, but we’re on post-release patches now. Those lower case are super annoying.