1.27: Armor position influences listed resist values


I can’t make heads or tails of what’s going on through the UI, but this much I’m sure of:

Khan class dreadnought:

1: Placing 4 powered resist modules and 2 heavy plates lists 13.64 resist if the top slot on the nose is clear. Presumably this is slot 0?

2: Moving one of the heavy plates to the nose of the craft changes the value to 18.46 resist.

I have recently witnessed some craft resisting things far beyond what appears to be possible in the editor. It’s possible the actual armor value does not reflect (yes, pun intended) either of these UI values.


How strange…I shall investigate immediately…

hmmm. this is interesting because it raises a fundamental question…

The current system was assuming the armor stacking effectiveness was always the same… So it grabbed it from the last armor module. That ‘last’ one could be any one. hence the bug.
Obviously that sucks.
But what should the solution be? Should we take the highest stacking effectiveness? or the lowest? or the average?
I’m thinking the average…

Because if we treated each group of modules with a different effectiveness as being distinct, there would be advantage from having 2 of different types… so neither got the stacking penalty, rather than two the same.

I think taking the average effectiveness makes most sense so I’ll do that…


I would agree that the average is the fairest and most intuitive answer.