1.27 Steam - Issues With High Score Tables


  1. There is this guy called Xenodus who have hacked in some crazy numbers at the top of the lists (or it’s from a bug).

  2. I should be on the list (as of now), since I got good enough scores on Yamaxxia and Paleovost to be on it yesterday. But I’m not. I am registered with cd-key on my nickname ingame.


  1. Some people have several scores on the same list. It seems like you could just make a good score and then add a component or two, to get a score a few points below your record. That way you could push everyone under you out of the list. I guess that all the scores of «Alekan» on Yamaxxia Prime may just show him gradually improving his game. However it’s not very fun to have only a few names on each list. For this reason I suggest that each player will only be allowed one name on each list – their best score. That gives a larger number of people the chance to make the lists, which is a fun incentive.

  2. Balancing the game may make it hard to beat the old scores. I’m not calling for a reset, but perhaps the high score list could show what version of the game the score was reached in or something? That would also be a good measure device, just to see if this should actually be considered a problem or not. I know you want to add more content in the future, so it’s possible that the new content will enable us to beat the old scores again, without resets or other measures.

Hey, thanks for this. Obvious cheat scores removed and I’ll look into your other ideas too…

Hi, if you check it now, its way better!

Awesome, impressively quick fix you did. My scores appear now and very good with more people on the list.

P.S. New hacker called DJDRESSLER on the lists now!