1.81 No default design after researching new body type

Started a new game on 1.81 with the Design Variety Pack, and after researching Compact Body, I can’t see any default designs that I can edit – all I have are the Sedan designs I initially had. Started a new game in Freeplay to confirm that this wasn’t a fluke and got the same results there. Is there a requirement I’m missing?

Freeplay with everything researched shows default designs for all body types.

I am having the same problem.

Started a new game after purchasing DLC.

Researched design bodies - compact - pickup - suv.

Cannot get them to show up in the build chassis as an option.

Only initial sedan is available.


+1 same problem, same version, same symptoms.

Good news,

I have discovered a temp solution to the bug.

Once you research both models of the sedan - the second variation will pop up on the design window.

Once you research both models of the compact - the compact pops up in the design tree.

Same for all the other models so far.

Issue is fixed now according to this thread: https://steamcommunity.com/app/591370/discussions/0/1693843461178742385/

Can confirm that I now have a compact design even without researching second variant of sedan or compact: