Game Won't Research Different Body Styles

While playing a new game I attempted to research a new body style, but after exiting out of it the research button keeps flashing red then if I choose a regular research option it will start researching again and have the body style in queue. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

There are two different research queues, one for body styles, and one for everything else. You need a design studio to research body styles, and you need to research the design studio before you can build one.

Interesting to read this…its a sign perhaps that this aspect of the game is too confusing right now?

Yeah I think maybe if you added something like a prerequisite pop up or something else on the body styles screen to let people know they had to research something else first that would be helpful. Love the game btw!

It only works correctly if you go in through the Design Studio. You should perhaps not be able to access the designs from the Research facilities? That is when you get the design research replacing the other research, and of course not working. Or they should all be greyed, er, pinked, out if not accessed from the Design Studio?

Hmmm…this is actually an extremely good point…

Hello everyone

@cliff, I think researches in the design screen should be reviewed in relation to its function.

We should find: the material (aluminum, or steel), the spoilers, the bodies, the roofs, the number of doors, the tinted windows, the rims, the interiors (linning and saddlery), design of the dashboard (radio, computer interface) , … … anything that touches the visual aspect of the vehicle and can attract new customers.

In principle I totally agree with you. It doesn’t make any sense for them to be anywhere else. The only problem is the confusion this may cause with existing players…and potential balance issues.
However now we have a search bar at the top of the R&D screen, maybe thats less of an issue than ever before?

I don’t hide that I did tests few months ago and it was cool but with the next update, i lost my files :slight_smile:

I do not use the search bar (because I know where are slots are). The search bar run well but is not evident to use with french version.

To back on this subject, perhaps one survey could guide your decision on what players wants. it’s just a moving the research label of category

Hi, does the search bar not work in french? it should work fine.
I think asking all the players about changing the design items location might be a bit spammy, but I am interested to hear what dedicated players think.
Also we have DLC coming that will add a lot of car design variants (just cosmetic) which will take up more space on the design tech tree soon.

No, no worries, the search bar run finel, I tested it. You must put all the characters of research : example with lighths manufacture : Fabrique de Phares. (You have all “Fabrique” )… that’s why I spoke of indexes in my other mails and posts on steam.

With this system, you know exactly where you are in manufacturing step and research tree.

For going farer :

  1. In car design, you can organazing features by catégorie with those index. All same components can be regrouped in only one categorie. For exemple : Seats : Red, White, Leather, Standard, Electric, heater etc … (one feature = one index in the same catégory).
  2. With actual system and many features you must navigate in the list.and his alphabetical order.

For me , when you want buy a car, you look different categories : so the design and body (model), your energy and horsepower (gazoline, diesel, electric, 75 HP or 150 HP), number of doors, color, and features…

I think you should have Here 6 or 7 categories to the maximum.
I have many things to said of that but i 'm out of subject.

good news for the DLC :slight_smile: