A Few Really Tiny UI Niggles

Specifically, in the ship design screen. A few modules still have odd descriptions and so on, specifically:

There’s a reinforced powerplant II. Where’s the reinforced powerplant I? Or is it simply meant to be a reinforced version of the regular powerplant II?

Beam and Fusion lasers still have identical descriptions

There are some inconsistencies between the varying stages of different modules. For example, although armour, crew modules, engines, shields and powerplants follow the same system of numbering after the basic version (armour II, engine III and so on) only the level 1 powerplant is called ‘basic powerplant’, while level-1 armour, crew modules and engines have no additional nomeclature (ie, There’s no ‘basic’ cruiser armour). Shields, meanwhile, follow the powerplant rule.

For clarity’s sake why not just assign a ‘1’ to the basic version of each of these modules, if just for the sake of consistency? Or alternately rename the low-level crew modules, armour, and engines ‘basic’ to follow the system used by shields and powerplants.