A lot of suggestions

I am a huge fan of this game and over the last few months, I have come up with several things that I would love to see being added to the game. I am not sure if some of these suggestions have already been suggested before but I still wanted to post them here.

-traffic speed as a policy instead of a dilemma. Higher speeds cause higher healthcare cost but also higher GDP

-space program decreases rare earth metals crisis because you can mine them in space.

-decrease global co2 emissions with policies like economic sanctions or international treaties which are only available for large countries like the USA or Germany who have more international power to do these things.

-automation eventually causes most jobs to disappear but also increases corporate tax revenue forcing players to eventually consider universal basic income or more government jobs.

-becoming a tax paradise, with policies like tax exemptions for multinationals which decreases unemployment but also foreign relations and tax exemptions for billionaires increasing the population of the wealthy and increasing sales tax, mansion tax, luxury tax, etc but decreasing foreign relations

-instead of one policy named income tax with automatic progressive tax rates, being able to adjust the tax rates of all income groups separately.

-policy: tax-free base for income tax, decreases income tax revenue and makes the poor happy and middle income slightly happy.

-policy: tourist tax

-policy: export subsidies which improve GDP but decrease foreign relations

-policy: cycling path building which affects the same things as bicycle subsidies but is more effective and more expensive

-for European countries: European high-speed rail building which increases foreign relations and international trade and decreases air travel.

-policy: ban cash money which decreases tax evasion but increases internet crime and cryptocurrency adoption.

-in addition to or as a replacement of the housing bubble situation, add house prices which are increased by private housing, higher population and mortgage tax relief (because this increases demand) and can be decreased by banning second house ownership, married tax allowance (because married couples only need one house instead of 2) or new policies like highrise subsidies or housing construction subsidies.

-one-child policy causes gender inequality for poor countries. When this policy was active in real-life China female baby’s were often abandoned or killed because males were more useful.

-policy: nanochip technology subsidies to battle antibiotics resistance and increase health.

-policy: anonymous job applications which decrease racial tensions

-policy: intensive bio-industry which decreases food price and farmer membership and increases farmer income, GDP and antibiotics resistance

-policy: stimulus package which is expensive but increases GDP

-policy: dikes construction, many big cities in the USA and other countries will flood when global warming gets out of hand and need dike construction to save them.

-international students: caused by high-quality education and foreign relations and causes a slight increase in GDP, population and tax revenue but decreases education quality in the long term because universities may get overcrowded. Can be prevented by banning English languaged education for non-English countries.

Let me know what you think.


Welcome to the conversation, it’s always good to have more feedback from more perspectives. We have a “massive list of suggestions” thread going which someone is going to the trouble to keep up to date, so expect to see some of what you have posted here showing up there soon. Personally I try to keep it to one topic per post so that each can be discussed on it’s own, but to each their own.