Ability to see what the cost of a car is

Currently I can’t find any way to find out what the cost of the car is to produce. The ability to see how that cost is broken down (how much did it cost me to buy the brakes for example, or how much was the labour to have the painting done) would allow us to optimize the areas that are expensive.

I can see from the factory floor where the time bottlenecks are, but can’t figure out what the highest cost items are.

The prices of item,s can be looked up on the last tab of the finance screen, but in terms of the total component cost of a car…thats not easily visible yet. maybe something I should add to the cars details screen you get when you click on it.

That would be great! Unless I am missing something it’s hard to see what’s going on behind the scenes with regards to how much adding a feature to a car is costing - without selling a few and checking the numbers then.