Detailed car total cost?

Hey Cliff, I really hope this suggestion reaches you. Something I would really enjoy in this game would be detailed statistics on the different car models I am selling, like explicit details on how much the car costs to fabricate from start to finish with each components shown and their price as well, maybe a pie chart showing us what exactly makes the car total cost. Then you could manually set the price you’d like the car to sell for, instead of using a mark-up. This way, even if components prices goes up or down, the total price of the car never changes, but the profit does. Maybe you could also add a general idea on what cars with similar features in the same category are selling for from the competition as a reference point too? This way the player can make sure it’s prices are competitive against competitors.

This would be very useful. Want to see what happens when a production line gets backed up and the cost of the cars continues to climb by just sitting there not getting worked on.