About Missile Firing Speed

Does the time take for the missile to hit/blow up affect a launcher’s ability to fire the next shot? I think I saw somewhere that only 1 missile can be out per launcher at a given time, but I am not sure rather that’s a rumor or not.

I also notice that fast missile do more damage than multiple warhead on field test, and was wondering if this is the cause.

Yes, only one missile out at a time. I examine the numbers here. Among other things, fast missile damage will surpass MW damage past a certain range.

Thanks, I just updated my retreating long range build to include fast missile rather than MW. I guess that will be the best missile type for staying at maximum range.

Of course from range 900 to 1160 the Multiple Warhead missiles do more damage. :slight_smile:

I know im a bit late

But Does Salvos Overrule the 1 Missile Rule?, Ive Tried Rocketpods and they seam to work (as long as i dont speed up the game)

As far as I know, salvos don’t override the 1 missile rule.
Wish it did though.

Nope it doesn’t override. I tried just yesterday.

as far as im concerned, this is the worst bug in the entire game atm

I’m not sure that this is a bug, I would LOVE to see missle launchers fire off more than ONE missle at once but do wee really need macros like Iltano ciruis(sp) here in GSB? But it would be nice to see that anyways.

Lone starr

nope,not saying that… personally i dont even like missile spam
but im firmly convinced that missiles and rockets should fire in volleys when the ship empties its whole bay at once, and torpedoes should fire one by one
ofcourse reloading the whole bay after a full salvo would take time… and the missiles would have to be balanced to keep their damage ratios

this might represent a balance issue,but i`d really like to see it implemented somehow