Acohol Abuse without Alcohol Consumption

I am playing with Canada and I had the Acohol Abuse problem from the beginning. To fix the Acohol situations, I first increased the Alcohol Tax to the Maximum and when the Consumption had significally dropped also outlawed Alcohol altogether.

Currently I have a Tax of 90% and a Consumtion of 0%, but still many of my citizens manage to abuse alcohol without even using it.

When I checked the causes for Alcohol Abuse, I was surprised that the Consumption isn’t actually a factor, but Poverty is.
Poverty in turn in cause (among others) by the Alcohol Tax, even though the income for that is 0.
This means that by increasing the Alcohol Tax (and therefore decreasing the Consumption) I increase the Abuse.

I don’t think that this behavior makes sense.
I am curious whether you have a better explanation for this feature.

Just as Drug Abuse consists of illegal drugs, I would understand Alcohol abuse as including, or consisting of, illegal alcohol.

Poverty causing Alcohol abuse is a bit strange. It also creates an amplifying feedback loop, which makes the game less strategic.

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