add mods to vanilla standard

Well hello,

There is now a nice bunch of good mods out there. I find that these mods add very much value to the game. Unfortunately it becomes increasingly difficult for modders to consider and connect other mods to theirs, or they simply don’t realise that there could or should be a connection since they lack oversight. Some mods add very similar policies, but each mod adds unique aspects also, so I end up with these redundant policies, which damages immersion and create confusion.

So…why not lift mods to official level? They would be published as offical DLCs by POSITECH, but in addition the the original mod would be fully integrated, connected and considered in the “vanilla landscape”, therefore solving the aformentioned problem of lacking integration. The mod authors would get the majority of income from sales, creating a motivation to produce high quality content.

The new vanilla level would then be a new base for additional modding, further increasing quality of the game and the mods.

(It’s indeed not uncommon in software industry to do exactly that, for example independent SAP R/3 software producers and their products get raised to standard level every now and then since they provide valuable additions to R/3, making their product part of every R/3 and them a ton of money since they are the expert consultants then of course)

Hi, this is actually a lot more work than it sounds. With the existing DLC< because it is produced internally, we can assure people that it 100% works in any combination of official DLC, and also state that it is of high quality in terms of balance, and political-neutrality and so on. We also have contracts that ensure that all of the artwork is owned by us, and so on.
Doing all that for mods made by other people is legally complex and a huge admin hassle, and would not be worth doing even if we kept all of the sales from it, let alone sharing the sales (which would be small relative to the main game) with the mod creator.

Of course its different when an extremely high quality mod gets developed that proves universally popular, but I’m not (yet) aware that such a mod has been created. People who develop mods of very high quality that they think deserve attention should draw the attention of our community dude Josh (username: tigersfan)
As he can add your mod to the Democracy 3 website modding page and also promote it through the steam forums and the official democracy 3 facebook page.