[Question for Cliff]What will be the 'modability' of GSB?

Cliff, first let me start off by saying this is an amazingly fun game. After watching a couple of gameplay videos I was hooked and had to have it, fortunately it was my birthday week and money was easy to come by :D.

then I discovered a bonus, the game is modable! I understand it is in Beta, so mods are limited, and you are busy bug hunting, but I was wondering if you could answer at some point this question: How modable will the game be? Are we talking Total Conversions or more module additions/tweaking new races, etc, all within the existing framework?

I’ve never modded a game myself but I’ve been involved with lots of other games, had a few ideas myself, and am least somewhat familiar with what ‘code’ is :wink: so I was toying with the idea of starting my own mod for this game, and I was wondering how far I should plan it…

I’ve got no problem with modding at all. If people can work out how to add an entirely new race, they are free to do so, although my #1 priority is stability balance and playability for the main game. I can’t ‘support’ mods in any technical sense other than as a sideline to the main game, but I’d have no problems with eventually releasing any information or tools that people would find useful to modding the game.
I have extensive tutorials in my head as to how to add and change stuff, its just on the backseat right now behind other stuff. I’d love to see people mod the game far and wide :smiley:

Thanks for the answers cliff, that means I can start in on my list with a fair amount of confidence that if I can think to mod it, eventually it can be done :smiley:

In my view, good mod support can be a popularity multiplier. More popularity = more sales. But only if the online component is felt to be a necessity to join in. Otherwise, it would become a highly popular, pirated game.