Added a retirement age policy

Enjoy! Coming in next update. It also affects the cost of the state pension.
(actually just realized it should boost retired group membership…)


Maybe it should affect unemployment.


Yup, good point actually.

I think some places link retirement age to live expectancy

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I don’t think it should, seeing how retired people don’t impact Unemployment figures.

Î think the idea is to reduce unemployment if this rate is lower? More retired people means their previous positions free up for other people

If you retire, you’re either no longer looking for work, or you’re vacating a position someone else will take - either way, lower unemployment.

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Thanks for including my and other people’s suggestion to add a retirement policy in the game, Cliff! It’s nice that we now have a way to affect the cost of state pensions without necessarily reducing or increasing its level.

As I had previously suggested in my original thread, it would make sense for the retirement age to very slightly affect the unemployment rate. At lower levels (below the “default” age, typically 65) it should very slightly decrease unemployment to reflect the fact that there are less older people in the labour force, who typically have a harder time finding a job due to their age (mostly among lower-income groups). Above the default age, it should very slightly increase unemployment, to reflect more older people in the labour market, which would increase unemployment for the reasons described above.

These should be very marginal, probably only a 2-3% effect on the unemployment rate at the lowest/highest levels of this policy, since the amount of people we’re talking about is quite low. But it would still be nice to have this phenomenon included in the game.


Is it going to impact state pension cost? I would expect it to, but don’t see a bar in your screen shot for that.

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This policy now also affects unemployment, and has slider notches too:

It does affect state pension costs, but I need to change some code (its on my todo list) to ensure that impacts on other policies costs also show up in these lists as currently they never do.