Adding design quality

It would be fun if the design of the car would also have a certain quality and ages as the game progresses. Now you just research the design, by example for a SUV, and that is it. You can build SUV’s. Nothing wrong with that, but in the real world your design would have a certain attractiveness and efficiency. And as the car model ages it would gradually become less attractive and in the end can no longer compete on the market against newer car models. So you would have introduce a new design, next generation model, as in the real car market
It would partially shift the focus of the game away from the actual physical production line in the factory. But, in my opinion, the real production line of a car starts with its design. Now this element is just one click on a button and that is it. Deepening out this process as well would definitely create a whole new dimension to the game (which is, for the record, already great!)

Would also give you a reason to keep design studios around after all the base designs are completed.

Yes we need a reason to not delete the design studio.