Adding new manifesto promises

Hi Cliff,

I tried adding a new promise to the manifestos CSV file (reduce crime (ie. normal crime, not violent crime)), but when you play the game, it does not display properly. It comes up with an option box over the button at the bottom. Can you update this in the next patch so that if there are more than the standard number of manifesto policies they go over two/more pages? Also, there is a similar problem with adding new awards/achievements. Can you do the same with this?


I should do shouldn’t I? there’s just an endless list of such things ;(

You could always remove one of the older manifesto promises…

Yeah, I know, but I’d like to be able to add some more without removing old ones. Thanks for your response, Cliff, I know you’ve got loads to work on at the moment, and I keep throwing extra ideas at you! All credit to you for taking so many of them on board! I’ve been really impressed how hard you’ve worked to add ideas like complacancy and term limits that I suggested to you. It’s probably best that you work on testing and getting out the next upgrade before you start adding in things like this as I think the new version will be a real improvement to the game.