Android Tablet as a remote control

Hi there,

to make clear from the beginning, I am NOT suggesting to port GSB to Android - at least not the way you might think of.

What I do not like about GSB is “sitting in front” of my PC or laptop and not on my couch holding a sweet and light 10’’ device in my hands. I want to put effort and thoughts into my fleets for tuning them to the extend of possible.

As GSB (or the dev) states it is somewhat of a high effect space show - and it might just be not that “high” on the 10 inch display with somewhat limited hardware and other resources.

So, my suggestion is this use case:

  • Build my fleets on the tablet, relaxing on my couch, my dog drooling on my socks, creating a fleet being able to destroy the “Empire” and “Death Star” in an instant.
  • Then tap the “sync” button on the UI and sending my fleet layout/designs via Wifi to my PC, where the “original” GSB waits for receiving the deployment.
  • Watch the great “bang poof crash” on my f***ing big 40 inch TV attached to my PC. (… or any screen > 10 inch and with good 3D hardware)

This is a use case which appeals to a) the comfort of tablets and b) to the limited hardware resources (even on high end tablets in comparison to your desktop/laptop PC) and even c) to the fact that Android devices are not “as easy” supportable as iPads as the earlier ones differ in hardware and the latter ones are quite similar ( bullet “c)” refers to many iOS developers complaining about porting their games to Android platform with its cluttered versions (2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.0, 4.0) and different hardware (Tegra CPUs somewhat leveled it on some important tablets, but there are still very different chipsets))

Ma’ 50 cents.

Let me and us know if you would “do it the way” I suggested in the (fictive) use case scenario.


Really no opinion? Even a negative feedback is a feedback… ain’t sayin’ the idea must fit for others…

I would have given you feedback before, except that A) my comp has a 28" widescreen that I do not mind sitting in front of, and B) I neither have nor want a tablet (don’t like all the touchscreen stuff that’s become so popular), so I am solidly neutral on this issue.