Annoying Problems

Problem 1:

I would like to know why the part of the screen is not visible. It seems as if my monitor is small to accomodate the UI.

Sometimes it so happens that there is a ‘Hint’ box which I need to close by pressing ‘X’ which is unforutnately out of my screen. So i could not proceed. :frowning:

This problem is something which I have faced even playing Kudos. But however I managed to complete the game.

Problem 2: [Important]

Whenever I try to practice to improve the bands musical skills, I always get stuck. The practice goes fine and there comes a message ‘Thats enough for the day’, then there is continue button, which on clicking on does not respond. The game comes to a complete halt, eventhough the cursor moves, but I am not able to do anything after that. So i have to quit the game and then restart it.

This is very annoying as I am not able to raise musicianship skills.

PLEASE HELP ME!! :frowning:

:stuck_out_tongue: lol i figured it out why i was having the problem. I was playing in the wrong screen resolution. :laughing: