Anyone in a band?

I was in the school choir, and for a few moments an all girl band. I do play keyboards, drums, congas, bongos, tambourine and maracas. Took piano lessons for three months (although I knew already from reading a book and so) and I learned drums by ear.

A friend of mine from college has been in a series of ska bands (yes, she’s 36 like me, and she’s STILL in a band!). Playing Rock Legend is like reliving the stories she has told me over the years. All of it checks out … well, except for the success part.

Played more-or-less professionally when I was in my 20s. Made a few records (before CDs), toured the US east coast, opened for REM and The Bangles. But we never really made enough money and didn’t the connections to break out of the club scene so I got a day job.

Still play bass for fun and occasional small profit. I’ve played all styles from punk to funk to metal to blues. But I never had the success in real life like I get in KRL. It’s alot more fun and alot less hassle.

Yep, I’m the singer but I don’t buy the band’s equipment, fortunately :slight_smile: Have been singing for about 16 years now and if I live to see the day, I’ll be singing till I’m old enough to forget the first three albums to save space :slight_smile:

My band has two albums, too many bad studio memories, lots and lots of extra fat (although the Lead Guitarist lost some weight so we average normal) and a tendency to over-drink and loudly rockstar about.

I hope it is OK to give links; here are some samples.


I’m a drummer. Been in club bands for the past decade or so. Most recently, I was the drummer for the Hands of Time from three years. Here are a couple youtubes:

The club-band experience is captured excellently in Rock Legend. I try to get my musician friends into it, but they’re too broke.

Yes I play bass in a band called Too Much Information (TMI) out of Tucson Az. We play rock, pop, oldies, and originals. More info @