Oh man do I suck

Cant get over about 60 fame and around 35k in profits!!

I’m a legend in my own lunchtime, but cant really say I’ve achieved much.

So question is:

Do you guys have any tactics you use that seem to work?

I’ve noticed that one key thing is to keep on top of merchandising. I’ve simply not been good enough at that (making sure we have enough shirts stocked etc).

I’d like to see some way of gathering hype once it becomes useless to fly poster. It’s kind of hopeless when you cant do ANY pr because its not randomly coming up.

I’ve noticed that bass players are whingeing gits :slight_smile:

I have made an album of almost entirely classic songs, but it didnt seem to make much difference to the final outcome.

Taking on too big a venue when funds are tight is a BIG mistake.

Any other tips?

I second the thing about hype - once you get past the initial stage where you can fly post and give out flyers it becomes almost impossible to generate any hype.

Male or female, any instrument, anyone called Wakeman is a right PITA :unamused: 8)

Using Merchandise (Shirts, posters) makes everything a LOT easier, at the end of the fourth year I was around 100k fortune, shortly after my bassist gave up on the next BIG and only gig planned (I actually considered kicking her out 2 days before the gig since her motiv was low but thought '‘nah, it should be fine…), the drawback from her lacking from the show made me go 1500 in the red… So basically I spent the remaining of the fifth years doing nothing expect interviews -_-’

But before using merchandise, the best I ever did was going to the 700-900$ gig, never higher.

(question, why are the members complaining if you get the higher quality of something, but sell the lowest quality? I can have the limo, if I sell the van, they complain to get a van…)

I found that the beginning is the toughest time. I always practice in the facility that is above what they expect to boost morale. Merchandise is a necessity. Get the 20 t-shirts asap and you’ll immediately see a boost in income.

I was really really bad at first, really bad.

Merchandise helped LOTS, but what I find help lots too…

Keep the members happy, really, and if you see them getting depressed and you can’t do anything about it (sometimes happen) kick them out of the group before they leave on their own when you’re supposed to have a gig.

Manager early can help too, don’t hesitate to buy a van and a manager early on, if you buy merchandise as soon as you can, you should have plenty of money for the both of these.

By doing this, I managed to get over 400 game and 400 000+ money at the end, stacking as much merchandise as possible and doing big gig helps to get lots of money.