Are UI mods (of a sort) even possible?

Does anyone know how to mod a new menu into the game? What I’m looking for is to be able to click on one of the little bubbles in the web, but instead of bringing up a menu that has just the regular “who/what it effects” and “how far to take this policy”, I want to put in a menu of my own. Is that even possible?

It occurs to me that perhaps more information might be more helpful to answering people.

What I want to do is overhaul foreign policy. Foreign policy in Democracy 3 is really small compared to an actual country; this might have passed a long time ago, but in an age of globalization, much more is necessary. My goal is first to add a second level of decision to military spending where you can choose the percentage of that funding allocated to each of your nation’s army, navy, air force, and foreign intelligence services.
In addition, there would be a bubble with a map, with a number of different regions, such as Russia, the Middle East, Brazil, Australia/Oceania, or Central Africa. Each region has a handful of values such as relations with your country, trade/tourism, and a few notable aspects to that region (Russia and the Middle East might have a high oil supply, Australia could have lots of minerals, and Latin America could have lots of drugs. This works for people too; Brazil has a lot of poor, while the Middle East has a huge religious faction). What’s more, for each region you could say how many of your international pull (which would be a new value calculated from military strength, foreign standing, trade, etc) is exerted in each location.

This opens up whole new gameplay-say you have a high dependency on oil, but can’t afford to put political capital into environmental policies. You could weight your influence towards oil producing countries, ensuring that any random events affecting oil have less effect on your economy. Or there could be trade unions involving certain regions, or you embargo another region.

But practically all of it falls apart without the custom menus. It’s just too messy and disorganized to make a policy for each region AND for each aspect.