Some modding questions...

  1. Modules/prereqs
    I know that dilemmas and events can be tagged with a ‘prereqs’ instruction so that they are only used within certain missions. Is this also possible with policies and votertypes? Can certain situations be switched off? I’d like to switch off strikes in my China Mod, if I can’t do this with modules/prereqs can it be done by some kind of ‘ban strikes’ policy?

  2. Initial GDP Collapse
    Any thoughts on how to avoid a collapse in GDP after the first turn? I guess this is because of initial policies and their slider levels, but I can’t figure out which are the most effective ‘levers to pull’ in the mission’s starting levels. I think it would be more realistic if GDP started low rather than starting in the middle and falling quickly. I’ve tried starting missions at different points of the economic cycle - not much effect.

  3. Choose Country Screen
    My choices of country on the second page of this screen have the same descriptions as their location counterparts on the first page (i.e. top-left page 1 - Malaganga, “Debt-ridden state where voting is compulsory”; top-left page 2 - The USA, “Debt-ridden state where voting is compulsory” :laughing: ) Any ideas on how to fix this?

  4. Is there is a string-length limit for sliders?
    I have a problem in writing a slider where my 3rd and 4th choices have the same description (but altered effects). Here is the code of the file that I’ve put into \My Documents\democracy2\mods\data\sliders

Thanks to anyone that can answer any, or all(!), of these!



  1. Unfortunately this is not possible. It would be a good feature, though - I’d like to use it with my State Union mod.

  2. I would guess that it is possible to just write GDP = 0 into the mission file (under the “settings” heading).

  3. I’ve never seen this problem before - it works fine on mine.

  4. Not sure what problem you are having with this as I tried the code you gave in my game and it worked fine.