Be able to play with the policy slider before implementing a policy & spending capital

hey there, great game etc. etc.
One of my pet peeves with the alpha is wanting to check out what the effects are of a policy in the policy screen before I implement it.
If I just want to try it out & see the effect on GDP of a certain policy clicking implement , then its too late to change my mind. even if i try cancel or revert once in the policy screen, the capital is spent. Unforgiving for a first time player that doesn’t know the effects of policy X on A,B, & C.

Another GUI enhancement/comment. I often want to find a particular policy I’ve implemented but unless i know the icon, i cant track it down in the GUI. I have to resort to for example saying, oh its a capitalist policy, then using the LHS voters screen to look for green lines back to the policy where it is named. Possible solution to this would be a simple search, where if I search for “alcohol”, the policies relating to Alcohol are highlighted , or labeled on the main screen. I know crowding may be a problem, but being able to turn on labels temporarily on/off may also be a solution


I played a few hours of Democracy 3, and a couple of hours of Democracy 4, and I find myself still hunting and hoping for like hover labels, etc, and doing the same sort of going to different screens to click on elements to find things I’m looking for from the main page.

I also want to look at things before implementing, to get a better understanding of things as a new player.

Yup, we do need to add a search bar. there is one on the new policy screen already.
It seems LOTs of people want to preview the effects of a new policy, so I do need to add this at some point.


Maybe list the effects without showing values? I think getting to see the full policy screen with exact percentages, costs and everything without commiting to implementing it is a bit much, but having a compact list (maybe split between increase and decrese) along with the policy description on the policy ideas screen?

Maybe something along these lines?

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I could dig something like that.

Yup, this is the sort of thing I have planned. Its on my todo list and I will try to make it into version 1.08. Version 1.07 is this week (tommorow!) so not long now :D. It actually should not be too tricky.

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Tada: (this will be in 1.08 next week)


If policy lowers/increases thing when low and increases/lowers thing when high, then how its going to be shown?

Can we get how extreme this is too? Not necessarily by the exact sliders, but, like, with number of arrows or something. For instance, Luxury Goods Tax has an extreme Brain Drain increase, even at very small amount (which, imo, is a bit ridiculous), so there should be like three arrows there


Would be great if this feature were an option, or based on the difficulty level chosen. I think it’s more fun not knowing the exact impact a new policy will have, one of my favorite moments playing the game so far was implementing a policy I thought would help, but didn’t, and then trying to fix it.

I wonder if its possible to search policies by effect.
So if I typed GDP in search bar, then it would display all policies affecting GDP.

Currently what this feature does, is set the policy at 50%, and takes the list of effects from that, so its only giving you a vague idea of whats affected. I think thats a reasonable compromise between leaving the player to guess and giving them a complete list of the exact impact of the policy at all levels.