Best Graphics Options/FPS Counter?

I was wondering if there is a way to turn on a Frames Per Second counter in-game, I’m experimenting with what graphics options best run on my laptop - the thing is a business computer, ultimately, and the game runs quite well but suffers some major dips when zoomed in.

That said, what graphics options make the largest impact when turned off? Originally I thought Shaders would be the big one but it seems as though Debris has the biggest impact so far. Any suggestions?

PS: The Order are awesome. Thanks Cliff!

Fraps is free for non commercial use, and sticks a nice big FPS counter on the screen.

As for what options have most effect, it varies by video card. If your card has a slow GPU, then debris may well be a limiting factor, or particles in general. The biggest slowdown is likely to be from running lights if you have many fighters, but they are automatically switched off at certain zoom levels anyway.
Screen resolution will have a big impact too.

Running lights appear to have no effect. Largest FPS dips come when zoomed in on an exploding ship - will often cause a drop from 50 FPS to 30. Debris is turned off.