BMT Micro download link not working

Hi Cliff,

I tried downloading GSB again through my original order email from BMT Micro but when I click the links it says that my password has expired. I ordered the game way back when it was available for pre-order so it has been a while but after installing a new hard drive I figured I’d be able to use the original link without having to actually back up the game. If you could please send email me a new download link that would be great since I just purchased the DLC Bundle for GSB yesterday. I can’t wait to try all of the expansions out. I’ve sent you a PM with any additional info I thought you might need to make the process of sending a new link as easy as possible (and I’m just anxious to try out the expansions! :D)

Thanks in advance!


I sent an email to BMT regarding the download link and they quickly responded to me and sent me a new download link for GSB. When I originally made the request it was in the A.M. here in North America so I figured I’d send BMT a support email as well knowing you’re wayyyyyyy over there in the UK. :smiley: Thankfully BMT responded quickly (good choice by the way - Plimus wasn’t exactly “bad” but they sure weren’t as quick on the ball with their customer service). So thanks anyway Cliffski, everything’s sorted out.

Oh, and this is just another reason why people should not be afraid of and should buy and support indie games and their developers - these guys (and gals) that develop indie games will (almost) always help out with a game they’ve developed even if it’s a year or 4 years old. Cliff is no exception and has helped me with other games of his, even after a considerable period of time has passed.

I just woke up and saw this, glad it’s sorted. BMT are great :smiley: