Bought from red marble, want a PC download

I bought GSB and all the expansion packs (except the newest, I forget the name) from Red Marble Games, who make the Mac version. I got a new computer and I am now looking for a PC download link because I don’t want to have to turn on my old, super slow computer to play and mod GSB.

I posted first on the New DL link thread and was advised to email Red Marble’s support. I did and was pointed back here, so I started a new thread, seeing as I wasn’t looking for a new DL link in the same way.

Please help me if you can, this will probably involve lots of verification so I have the emails ready. Thank you in advance.

Wasabi, try this avenue of possibility. I assume that this is the last major thing you haven’t yet attempted.

Thanks Archduke, will do!

That works. They email Cliff, and he sends you a link.