Bring forth the modability...

Ave cliffski, morituri te salutant!

I’ve created this topic to gather all points which are worth to be considered for coming up updates. It would be nice cliffski if you could say what is a)not possible b)worth to think about it c)work in progress. Thanks :wink:

[1] Enlarge the ships
[2] Enlarge the turrets
[3] Make all weapon projectiles modable
[4] allow more slot types (besides TURRET and STANDARD)
[5] battery fire


If you define a ship hull larger than 270x270 the game will most likely crash. But it would be nice to support greater super heavy ravager ship types.
The turret sprites are 64x64. It would be nice to support 256x256. Could be used for longer cannons like naval artillery. Also if you scale the turret up to 64 (ingame) the turret would look still nice when you zoom in. More details! ^^
Plasma, (laser)bullets and rockets can’t be modded. But it would be great to do so :wink:
Turret and standart slots are fine, but the more slots the merrier. You could f.e. restrict shield and armorslots. 2 more options like standart2 and standart3 f.e. would be great
The salvo command is nice, but a battery command where all rockets fire one after another would be even better (without the requirement that the predecessor has hit/missed) !

  1. There needs to be a way to compartmentalize the SHIPS, deployments, etc created by mods.

You can enable a mod via the file in “installs” right now, bang away having fun, then if you want to play the stock game, it crashes because you have ships/orders/etc that refer to mods.

  1. The ability to mod stock files. If I put a modded cruiser_pulselaser.txt in “modules” in a mod, for example, the game should load the modded version last, replacing the stock file. Perhaps mods might be loaded in alphabetical order (perhaps “official” GSB mods like Tribes load first).

  2. A .txt file someplace that defines the hull types—fighter, cruiser, and frigate right now. This would allow us to make new ones by simply adding the new definition to the list. “Battleship,” for example, or “Corvette.”