[Bug] Challenges fail to sort correctly by date

When I sort by date on the challenges screen, the challenges from November seem to be getting randomly sprinkled through the challenges from October. This is something of a game breaker for me, as it makes it hard for me to find the new challenges that I haven’t done - I like to pop in, see if any new challenges are at the top, then pop out if there aren’t any.

The October challenges sort correctly. But the November ones just seem to be sprinkled in randomly (they aren’t even sorted compared to each other.)

The order is different each time I sort (october ones sorted by day correctly, but pretty much random order any given day, then the november ones just all over the place.)

EDIT: actually… some of the october ones seem out of order too. I see a bunch in order, from october, then I’ll get some from november, then it’ll continue with october, but jumped to a different day. For example, this is what I see right now (showing each change, of course there’s repetition of each date):

11/02/09 (!?)
11/01/09 (!?)
10/27/09 (?!?!)

Resorting gets a different (wrong) result each time.

On a related note… Rather than storing the date, perhaps you should store the time instead:

  1. This could even save space, by storing a unix timestamp (integer) instead of a mm/dd/yy string.
  2. More consistent sorting - challenges would appear in the correct order, down to the second that they were posted. At the moment they seem to sort pretty randomly, just down to the date (and as mentioned, there’s a problem between months.)

I shall investigate…

edit: Found it. How irritating. I shall put this in a patch…