[Bug] Cloaking

I’ve found that when I have a ship with a cloaking device and the order ‘cautious’ (at default value) that the clocking device equipped ship will randomly cloak for no apparent reason (such as right at the start of the battle), or at other in opotune times, rather than when it has suffered 75% damage.

Also, on an unrelated issue (I mention it here because I’m sure someone would have mentioned it already), I’ve found that with exceedingly long names in the ship design screen, that the text will start moving down the screen: i.e. http://s104.photobucket.com/albums/m179/jabberwocky_01/?action=view&current=screenshot_11-09-2009_22-40-08.jpg.

From what I understand, the cloaking module is simply a timer that activates it for how long it is set for, then turns it off to recharge. It is unrelated to the caution run away comands

Yeah, I’ve done further testing and, as you have correctly stated, the cautious order has nothing to do with it.