RE ship graphics

I have noticed that sometimes a random enemy ship will look as though the rear is wobbling when moving forward. is this a bug?

OK, so I’m not going blind or insane? I thought I saw something like this once but could not describe it if I had to. Almost like only half the ship cloaked with little or no fadeing.

Intriguing. I haven’t witnessed the particular visual glitch that Ramcat mentioned. What Myrate referred to sounds somewhat like the awkward-looking rapid yawing that I see many of my ships doing as they home-in on a target unit. It’s distracting precisely because it’s a pretty fast yaw even though it covers only a short lateral distance. The odd motion makes my eye zoom right onto any ship moving in such a way while it’s going forwards, since it’s so very different from the smoothness of normal movement. Perhaps now it should be my turn to question my sanity, as I’ve long assumed that this weird but “mostly harmless” quirk was normal. :smiley:

I’m still relatively sane.

Just for the record.

Could it be a frigate with Escort orders (limited to max range away from a ship) trying to move forward faster than the ship it’s tied to?

  • Chris

it could be that. This is behavior that crops up in certain circumstances, which one day I’ll work out, and then fix. It’s especially noticeable on higher speed settings.