[Bug] Crossroads (in inefficient situation)

Watched latest Big Pharma Vlog and wanted to see what I can do with Crossroads.
Found an example that stopped the ingredients from moving.

Expected it to be running at half efficiency at best, but after first product from first machine come out, it stopped.
As far as I know, I’m respecting the rules of the crossroads.

I know I could use the same configuration with full efficiency, but what is the fun in that?
Not sure if I should call it bug, rather unusual than test example/use case.

I was hoping I could use two T junction alternating left/right to make one ingredient go into same machine twice - first round from output, going back toward input, on second round it would alternate to pill maker (or somewhere). Sadly it doesn’t look like something that is possible right now.

It will most likely never be possible to put an ingredient through the same machine twice. The belts are designed to be deterministic, i.e. the route an ingredient takes has to be unambiguous at all times. To ensure this, an ingredient must never use the same belt twice.

Also: For your (inefficient) examples, the crossroads cannot work, because in both cases you make the line cross itself. When the ingredient hits the first crossroad again, the line is already blocked and it cannot get unstuck, since the blocked line is the line that would have to move forward to make room for the crossing ingredient.
Make a crossroad of two unrelated lines and they will both work with 50% efficiency. You might also be able to “fix” your line by killing one ingredient on the line (and replacing the belt) after the first crossroad, but you will have to repeat that every time it gets stuck.