[MOD] turns Analyzer into a "4-way angled Junction"

MOD to demo capabilites… turns Analyzer into a “4-way angled Junction” - as oppsed to normal belt crossroads (which would be
“4-way straight junction” in my terminology.)

Some players have asked how to make crossroads “turn” rather than going straight across each other (you can’t, AFAIK).
Personally I like the logic of current crossroads, but made this MOD to show how it could be done.
I’m not sure many people would actually use this in gameplay (a few might), but if we ever get the ability to add new
machines this shows one possibility (and also the idea that maybe it could be native in-game).

So instead of having one line go N-S/S-N and the crossing go E-W/W-E, you can have N-E/E-N crossing S-W/W-S, etc.

This also has a processing time of 1, so you could mod it to be a “crossroads” and have it process faster than normal
“belt crossroads”, making it a sort of belt “bridge” that people have asked for in the past.

MOD replaces the Analyzer, but adds 1 more input and 2 output ports. It also uses the “swapper” from the centrifuge.
It is possible there other ways to achieve the same result, but this is what worked for me.
It does require the player to set the analyzer/4wayJunction/Swapper to have all 4 slots to “no swap” - the text is in the MOD.
Otherwise it WILL swap ingredients. (I don’t know how to force that, if it is possible).

Here is an image of how it looks when placed and arrows showing the ingredient flow:
Green line input will go out green line output
Blue line input will go out blue line output

Image showing “no swap” setting in use of the MOD

Image showing Ingredients before going into “4wayJunction”

and Image showing Ingredients haven’t change after. (it does change form, of course).

The Zip file w/ the MOD:
AngleCrossroads_NoAnalyzer.zip (6.56 KB)