Bug: T-junctions at machine output

So if you have T-junctions at the output of a machine, they bug out. What happens is the day before the machine is going to finish the T-junction belt tries to move the output, but the output isn’t done until the next day so the belt moves nothing! Results in only 2/3rds of my belts being used when I have rows of 3 speed machines. e.g.

Hi liq3, would you be able to send your save file over to me at support@twicecircled.com?

You’ll find it C:\Users<Username>\Documents\My Games\Big Pharma\saves

Could you send me both the *.sav file and the *.png file. I’ll have a look into it. Thanks,


Ok sent.

I’ve also noticed this. I’ve found a way around it.

Basically the problem is this: I have machines that have an output rate of one per three seconds, and input comes in at 1 per 1 second. So I need 3 machines to take all the input (and keep my money per day from bouncing all over the place). All three machines feed onto a single conveyor belt in a straight line, neatly leading to the export slot. Should be perfect - but the conveyor belts get confused and their logic screws up. At the final t-junction belt in the line, the product has a chance to be distributed as though it were a 1 per 2 second output. As a result, I’m losing throughput. The product backs up and I’m not making money as fast as I could.

What I do is take the two first machines, link them together. wrap that belt up and over, and then combine it with the last belt. It’s messier and takes more room but it bypasses the bug and keeps throughput.

It’s easy enough to reproduce. Take an export slot, import something, and then feed the line into 3 syringe injectors using one line that connects to all 3. Extract the product the same way you input it. Do it a few times and sooner or later you’re going to have a belt that trips over its logic and causes a backup.

Not sure what you mean by that. A picture would be nice.

My workout is pretty simple though. I just move the T-junction away from the machine’s output. E.g.

So basically the belt logic breaks if the T-Junction is on a tile that is also used to output something from a machine - But if you place it on a “neutral” tile after it, they will properly merge up and sync the two inputs into a single output?

Yeh seems that way.