[BUG] Cruiser Refused to Budge

In a challenge I fielded several cruisers with frigates in formation. Partway through the battle I noticed that one cruiser had not left it’s starting point. I checked to be sure that the engine was still functional, and it was. The cruiser’s engine graphic flared but it didn’t move. One of the frigates in formation was pointed in the direct opposite direction of the other ships in formation.

I was unable to recreate the error, but maybe someone has seen something similar.


I have encountered this problem SEVERAL times, started playing today and its extremely annoying having to re-simulate the whole ting just because ships get “stuck” and dont move anywhere.

Interesting, I’d love to re-create this and track it down. I presume the ships have engines and are not flying in formation to others? or have their engines destroyed? Any clues as to what seems to trigger it? Do they have extremely long ranges set to engage the enemy?

I took a screenshot, all the ships on my team have working engines, dont know about the enemy, the enemy ships at bottom are not moving or firing. The enemy ship on screen is firing its lasers, uber long range lasers at one of my ships, but they do nothing except sit there.

If you set an excessively long ‘maximum range’ in your orders, this could easily result in this behavior.

Ships will not try to approach past the ‘maximum range’ (bit of a misnomer, this behavior is in some ways a bit more like ‘minimum range’ :smiley: )
Ships will try around and try to get away if a target gets within half of the ‘maximum range’

So… Say you set the range to 2000. You ship would stop moving quite soon (straight away on smaller maps) as the enemy gets within 2000. If an enemy ship then got to 1000, your ship would turn around and start to move away. If that enemy was killed, your ship should turn back around, but if the next enemy is also within 2000, it won’t approach.

My suggestion to make this behavior more obvious, give us more control (and make look less like the bug that it is not) would be to let us specify both a minimum and maximum engagement range. It may help just to rename ‘maximum range’ to ‘engagement range’ and give it a tooltip ‘try to get within this range of your target’.

It’s a bit too easy to think ‘maximum range’ might mean something like ‘only try to attack ships within this distance’, so a new player might set it to 2000 thinking that would be best, when it actually cripples most ships :slight_smile:

I have had similar error but instead of ships freezing to standstill they nudge around. Like if they were flying in a tar. They fly some time nicely, then they get stuck and then all in sudden nudge to movement again. There is no braking or accelerating speed in these situations just full stop and full speed changes. This happened with frigates.

I’ll give a video to investigate. (There’s also one frigate colliding with the ones in front of it but this can be understood because it was faster.) Notice how the one going farther ahead alone has these weird pauses in its movement and notice how the one at the bottom left corner’s side just instantly stops while its engines are still running. And I think those frigates flew near 1,5 speed or so. Also they didn’t have keep moving order.

mediafire.com/?sharekey=4e3e … f6e8ebb871