[1.10]BUG - cruisers stopping just outside of range

This one is driving me a bit bonkers but it’s happening a lot when I issue commands about how far to attack from. Instead of attacking from that distance they seem to reach that distance or sit just outside it and do nothing. I haven’t changed anything I do as far as issuing orders but with 1.10 I’m having a lot of these daydreaming cruisers.

What Orders are you setting the Cruisers up with during Deployment, and on which maps/scenarios?

I saw the same thing with my MIRV cruisers and a torpedo frigate in one mission. I always set their max engagement ranges to at least 50m less than their weapons’ max range to make sure the individual turrets on the ship are all in range. For the next mission I tried lowering the max ranges in their orders even more, and haven’t seen the problem since. Out of curiosity, though, I selected their turrets a few times after that, and saw that they seemed to have to approach enemy ships until the max range ring was at least over the center of the enemy ship before they’d fire.

Has it always been that way, or was there a change in how weapons range is checked? And/or a change in how general ship-to-ship range is determined?

it’s always been from the turret to the centre of the enemy ship

OK, well that explains at least that part of it. Unfortunately that doesn’t really shed any light on why these ships are suddenly turning pacifist. :-p