[bug] Fighter movement exploit

I thought I should mention this trick, even though it doesn’t hurt anything, as far as I know.

How to build and move fighters in the same turn:

  1. Build one fighter, and move to the next turn.
  2. Open the fleet window for the one fighter, and build 1 or more of the same fighter, and as many squads of other fighters as you want.
  3. Close the fleet window (may not be required.)
  4. Open the fleet window once more, and click ‘Merge Squads’
  5. The fighter group should be now moveable on the map.

This only works with fleets of only fighters, and if you remove squads from the fleet, they should be unable to move.

You are a very sneaky person.

Well, I didn’t go looking for it. It happened once accidentally, then I had to make sure I wasn’t crazy.

That only means you are clever and observent. :slight_smile: