[BUG] Game wont launch.

After the update that fixed - the game speed hotkeys working whilst naming drugs. My game wont launch, it displays a light grey screen for about 5 mins and then crashes.

After patching from v0.41.00 to v0.41.03 the game won’t start for me anymore. I only see a blue/grey screen after running the exe.

Norton AntiVirus came up with the following (deleted some german and pc-related stuff):
0593cafa-4930-43eb-aef5-20f257a94f7a.exe (SONAR.Heuristic.132) erkannt von SONAR,Isoliert,Behoben ([…]\temp\crafty\big pharma\0593cafa-4930-43eb-aef5-20f257a94f7a.exe)

Ok. After deinstalling, reinstalling and patching it with the latest patch (v0.41.05) it’s working again :-).

Glad to hear you’re back up and running Bloxeh. TGCrow, are you still having an issue. I suggest trying the same fix as bloxeh - uninstall, reinstall and patch.