[Bug] Statistics Window Bug

  1. Press ‘escape’ twice on your keyboard while you’re playing a challenge.
  2. The ‘quit this battle’ option will still be there, even though the game is unfrozen. Wait for the challenge to end.
  3. Win or lose. Send message to challenge poster.
  4. Press ‘quit’.
  5. You will return to deployment. The ‘quit this battle’ option will still be there. Press ‘Yes’.
  6. A statistics window will pop up. No matter what you do, you’ll notice you cannot close it unless you quit the game.

very good find!

i’m dying to know how you found it.

i was playing a challenge, accidentally pressed ‘escape’ twice, and said, “Hey cool the battle’s still going” and waited till the end, expecting it to disappear. to my surprise, it didn’t. i clicked ‘yes’, again expecting it to disappear. it did. but now the statistics window was there, and it was really annoying not able to quit it. so i restarted the game, and it was gone.

Dang. I’m redoing the stats window entirely, so I’ll make sure the enw one doesn’t do this too :smiley:

yay :smiley:

Ah, another bug smoked out. Soon peace will be restored in the galaxy… apart from the Gratuitous Space Battles that are occurring at least… :wink: