Trouble outputting machines directly onto a conveyor T-split

I’ve noticed that when I connect a machine’s output directly to a conveyor belt t-junction, the belt sometimes just won’t pull the drug out of the machine for a tick, causing empty spots on the production line and backing up both branches far more than is acceptable.

For whatever reason, if I put at least one span of belt between any machines and any junctions, the whole production line runs as smooth as butter. This is the only way I’ve found to avoid the problem, which makes compact builds basically unfeasible.

I’ve heard that there was supposed to be a fix to this in 0.43, but I’ve only noticed the problem since updating to 0.43 in the first place (but perhaps that’s just coincidence).

I noticed a problem like that with pill printers that has apparently been fixed in this update, but I have noticed a bug that could be something like this when using crossroads and autoclaves. I will take a video of it and make a separate thread for it because I’m not sure if it’s this exact issue. TBH I haven’t really figured out what is causing it, hopefully someone can analyze the video to figure out.

From the video you posted it sounds like a different problem stemming from the same pathfinding bug.