[Bug version 1.53] No customers and the game crash

Today i removed a production line and built up a new one, then i saw that i don´t have any customers because the number of waiting cars in the showroom raised up, ok i looked in the showroom and hovered with the mousepointer over my cars and i had no customers for any cars. I saved the game, i gone back in the main menue and loaded the savegame, well my cars got selled but after 1-2 minutes of playing the game crashed!
Hope for some help. Sorry if there is some grammatical fails but i´m german and my english is maybe not the best :slight_smile:

I also experienced no cars selling while playing the Tight Budget scenario. This was after I introduced different model tiers of the same car. No amount of price reduction caused the cars to sell. Alpha version 1.53.

We have a new update coming soon, with any luck later today, which should fix this.

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