Campaign Beta have a Mac version or is it PC only?

Just curious about pre-ordering the campaign add-on. Does it support Mac? I can’t find anything specific as to OS requirements for it.

At the moment it’s PC only.
As i asked elsewhere, does it actually alter the executable, or is the capability to support it native to 1.48+?

You have to have 1.48 or later.

So the actual file that runs 1.48 is what the campaign boots off? The code that it uses is IN the actual file? As if it is, then wouldn’t an OS X user just need the files?

cliffski, will campaign mode eventually be released for Mac? I was happy to see your dedication to bringing the other four DLC to OS X, and the campaign would kind of the be crowning achievement of that principle :wink:

The campaign will come to mac soon,it will need some code porting.

Looking forward to it immensely!