Absolutely love the Campaign mode in GSB 1, love consolidating my fleets, my resources, and just setting them on other planets to do battle. Now that customisation allows for truly unique ships and fleets, a Campaign for GSB2 would be all the more fantastic, with its user-generated designs. Is the campaign mode currently included/planned to be included?

I absolutely agree with USSCrazybat. The campaign mode is definitely my favorite mode of play, and hope to see it in GSBII as soon as you go to general release from beta! Thanks for all your hard work Cliff! (and your dedicated staff!!)

I’d rather give GSB2 a better campaign, but its just totally impossible for me to do that AND make GSB2 in one go, so its been put off until I’ve recovered from making the base game!

A better campaign? Curious

Does this mean the campaign mode is open to suggestions?

nudges Cliffski

I’d like to know how open you are on the concept of campaign ideas, because I have quite a few, and I’d like to know how open the whiteboard is to ideas before I go off writing huge posts with gratuitously big (See what I did there) ideas :wink:

Earth to Cliffski. Before I go writing epic posts - how amenable are you to huge hefty posts concerning campaign concepts? Or should I keep it on the backburner until you’ve got safely through the launch and had some well earned rest?

Oh god, I definitely need a long rest first!

Done deal. I’ll let you collapse and recharge :wink:

That gives me more time to hone and shape the drafts, muwahahahaha evil laugh

If you want a veeeery rough idea for where I’ve got some inspiration from, peek at boardgames like Battlestar Galactica.