Can we get different games?


Because that thing is hard to do in ten seconds…

How about some non-timed ones in addition to it (so you don’t have to choose just that one)

It IS a game console, not just a single game…



I did start doing a space invaders game originally, but it wasnt really good enough. maybe in the future…


Good, because I suck at doing that thing in 10 seconds…


Yeah - me too. I always avoid those sort of games normally - I’ve tried and they bore me senseless. What about Minesweeper? Or even a find-a-word game? Or a maze? Or tetris? I believe there’s heaps of public domain source code for those types of things.


Or even PONG
There’s a million possibilites…

Even a toned down Democracy (Much less features)


its always the AI that takes time. even for pong, to make it nicely playable. Not that it takes much effort really, but its a lot of custom work for such a small part of the game. However, it is certainly something I’d like to expand on at some point.


Different games would be good.


Ah, so even if it was a premade code, you’d have to tweak it heavly?