Wii Ware/ Xbox Live Arcade/ PS Network

Hey Cliff, love your games. I’m new to the board, and I apologize if this subject has already been brought up.

But it seems that your games would be perfect fits for the low-budget Wii Ware/XBLA/PS Network marketplaces that Nintendo/MS/Sony have set up.

Have you ever considered porting your games over to any of those marketplaces to get more exposure?

nintendo approached me, but refused to let me have a dev kit because I work from a home office.
yes, retarded isn’t it :frowning:

To bad, I think your games would suit perfect for the casual masses who play Wii games.

me too. just imagine – Gratuitous Space Battles for Wii Ware! :smiley: but goddammit, nintendo?! WHY?!

This definitely crap pure and simple.

I got a great idea cliff, ask 2dboy what you need to get them to get you onto wiiware, etc.


That’s too bad, I think WiiWare would help GSB get some much deserved attention. Definitely would be one of the best games on there.