Can you even stop immigration?

Seems like if you have maxed-out GDP, there is no way of reducing immigration even if borders are tightened to the max and citizenship tests are made the most difficult…

I feel like Kitchen design Lancashire is a much bigger threat to our countries than high immigration. Dirty kitchenists…

And yes, immigration is pretty hard to balance. But like in everything, more policies would be better.

Except there are no policies to lower immigration other than the two. The only alternative is to lower the GDP, but that doesn’t really help anyone. There are ways to deal with other externalities of high growth, like internet crime, pollution, and so on.

With my experimental mod, Racial Tension decreases Immigration progressively. In other worlds, if your country turns super-racist, immigrants will get scared away.

Yeap. Look at Swizerland they just voted for a policy reducing immigration.

There should be some other policies like policy about accepting war refugees or not.

Whenever I’ve had runaway immigration, I’ve been unable to control racial tension even with citizenship tests etc. This leads to race riots, but hey, it scares off some of the immigrants!

If you ban foreign Church service it greatly reduces immigration. Add that to citizenship tests & Border Controls (maximize all three) then immigration should dwindle to around 10% with maximum GDP.

Implement a Ban on Foreign Church Service. It’s under the public services section, & if you maximize that, along with maximized Border Security & Citizenship tests, then Immigration will be reduced to around 10% even with maximum GDP & Health. If you make sure you have no compulsory language classes then immigration should disappear completely.