Immigration Unstoppable In Latest Update

Border Control, Citizenship Test, Border Wall, Foreign Church Services and Airport Completely Closed policies are maxed out immigration fell to 80% is this expected behavior? Population 80% ethnic minorities and hate me 0% popularity with them and still win election with 99% of the vote all of this confuses me.

Can you add another policy like Border Control Drones? The US is using MQ-9 Predator B to patrol the border now and or make police drones affect immigration at high levels. Please make it possible to lower immigration at high cost or severe populatory hit but please make it possible thank you.

Thats definitely not expected. Do you have a save game with this happening? if so you can send it by email to me at cliff AT positech DOT co DOT uk and I will investigate. Maybe I broke something :smiley:
I do like the idea of different border options, we probably need some specific to countries that are islands or have a lot of coastline too…


Has this issue been resolved?