Can't download GSB

I have the 1.41 installer on my hard drive, and installed it this morning. I said I wouldn’t, but I just can’t resist. Anyway, I want to get to 1.48, and the updater is not running, so I tried to download from my email link from bmt micro. The link fails, saying password has expired. The secondary link does the same, as does trying to log in with the id/password sent in my purchase reply (Nov 2009, I think).

So - is this a bug, or do our purchases expire? How do I re-download GSB?

As a side note - I have purchased all of the DLC as one-offs. Is there any all-inclusive package I can get without paying twice, that will save me installing seven packages (game + six DLCs)?


Hi, I’ve re-sent your link it should all work now.

Thank you.